Levenhuk Skyline BASE 80T Telescope

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Levenhuk Skyline BASE 80T Telescope Refractor. Aperture: 80mm. Focal length: 500mm Levenhuk Skyline BASE 80T Telescope provides a possibility to explore the outer space in all its diversity. Through this refractor, you can observe lunar craters with a diameter larger than 5km, Jupiter, Saturn and its moons, and phases of Mercury. It is also suitable for terrestrial observations. Due to its rich kit, you do not have to buy extra eyepieces or any other optical accessories. Telescope is an excellent gift for a beginner astronomer; it will bring lots of bright emotions to its owner. The lenses in the telescope are made of glass. The outside surfaces are protected with an anti-reflecting coating that improves the image brightness. The optics deliver a sharp and contrast image and allows observing even dim objects in the starry sky. The telescope is mounted on a simple-to-use alt-azimuth mount. Even a kid can operate this telescope: to point an optical tube at the desired position, turn it along the horizontal or vertical axis. A mount is easily fixed on an aluminum tripod. It is sturdy and reliable. The tripod features adjustable legs. There is an accessory tray that can be attached to the tripod. This telescope features an impressive kit. In addition to a traditional optical finderscope, the kit includes two eyepieces with a different focal length and a diagonal mirror. Use them to quickly prepare a telescope to different observations. An eyepiece with a long focal length allows for exploring an extended area of the sky (a planet with its moons), an eyepiece with a short focal length comes in useful for detailed observations of the planets or the lunar surface, a diagonal mirror is essential during terrestrial observations. Features: Refractor with coated glass optics Excellent choice for studying the Moon and the planets of the Solar system, and observing terrestrial objects An alt-azimuth mount with simple user-friendly operation A rich kit allows using all telescope capabilities to the fullest This model is designed for beginner astronomers The kit includes: Telescope optical tube Alt-azimuth mount Aluminum tripod with an accessory tray 6x24 optical finderscope SR4mm (125x) eyepiece H20mm (25x) eyepiece Diagonal mirror User manual and lifetime warranty Specifications: Optical design: refractor Optics material: optical glass Optics coating: fully coated Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm: 80 Focal length, mm: 500 Highest practical power, x: 160 Focal ratio: f/6.25 Eyepieces: SR4mm (125x), H20mm (25x) Eyepiece barrel diameter: 1.25 Finderscope: optical, 6x24 Tripod: aluminum Telescope control: manual Mount: alt-azimuth AZ2 Additionally: accessory tray simple assembly and setup observed objects: terrestrial objects, planets of the Solar system Optical tube material: aluminum Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.


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